MaxiDrill 900
C900_V1 MaxiDrill_3xD_4xD_5xD MaxiDrill_900

Our high-performance tool for solid drilling

Maximum productivity

The tool body defies the tremendous stress of high-feed-drilling and its stable construction offers perfect drilling quality even with high cutting parameters. Moreover, the asymmetric chip flute design ensures ideal chip evacuation.

Maximum performance thanks to the newest tooling technology

The tool’s controlled deviation makes holes without scoring caused by return movement possible, thereby safeguarding surfaces and cutting edges. Thanks to the tried and tested ‘hard & tough’ coating, the MaxiDrill 900 maintains an extremely long tool life.

Economic system solutions with patented inserts

Low cost with high productivity – with 4 cutting edges per insert, no problem! Both the peripheral and the central cutting edges are designed to have the same geometry, size, and grade, simplifying handling and reducing storage costs.

MaxiDrill Classic

Proven and reliable in standard application when drilling into solid materials

Ideal for use with machines with lower power consumption and stability

Due to lower power consumption, MaxiDrill works reliably and economically with older, less powerful machines.

Reliable & efficient in standard application

In its standard application, you profit from the coordinated range of coated and uncoated inserts with well-proven geometries and excellent CERATIZIT quality – this way, you are able to work more economically.

Secure processes and precise holes by way of maximum system rigidity

Optimum compensation of radial forces prevents the drill axis from running off-centre and therefore ensures a consistently high quality, as well as safe processes when drilling depths of up to 4xD into solid material.

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